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My q6600 with 4 gigs of ram is finally heading into the hurt locker. The Caps on the Motherboard (it's a 975 chipset) I believe are swollen and leaky and new 775 boards are all crap. I have a g31 with a E6300 and 1 gig of ram I intend to drop the quad and it's ram into to make a better TV set/ Dragons of Atlantis Script Runner out of it. So here's my dilema, I don't upgrade my PC very often as can tell and I don't overclock much because I can deal with lower frame rates by plugging in a smaller monitor. I was thinking the Haswell I5 3.0ghz for 180 but found a small town computer store where I can get an Ivy bridge I7 3.3 for about 230 :D. It runs cooler it's faster and 8 threads.. Sounds like I made up my mind but your thoughts?
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  1. Do you think any of the new instructions in the Haswell are compelling or something I might miss in a few years?
  2. What's your budget for both the CPU and Motherboard? And how about your powersupply, wattage/brand/model?

    There's about a 5-10% increase from Ivy to Haswell, so I'd go with the Ivy i7 if they cost around the same.
  3. average joe said:
    Do you think any of the new instructions in the Haswell are compelling or something I might miss in a few years?

    There are a few. I believe Haswell can be up to 60% faster in a certain instruction set, it may be AVX2? I could be off on that though, it may be named something else entirely. Not that many programs support it yet.
  4. I could go with an I3 and and better video card. The Haswell I3 is about 40% faster than a q6600 in the benchmarks.
  5. Well here's what I have.. My 8800gt died so last year or so I picked up a 7770. The 550W PSU that came with this case was junk I picked up a Corsair 450W 80 plus gold on a shell shocker deal. I had a kingston 60 gig ssd as my only drive but it died so now I'm running a samsung 840 128 gig. I've been having everything fail slowly but I'm sure it's due to the dying voltage regulators. I hope the RAM isn't shot but my system crashed every day. Could be the PCIe slot connectors are unsprung because it's all video related crashes. I would blame the radeon drivers but the 8800gt did the same. The board had alot of weight on it for a long time.. the 8800gt was hot and heavy compared to the 7770
  6. I and debating between the I3 and the I7 an 8750 is only 150 right now. The I3 is $125 and the 8750 $150 = 275. The I7 is 230 but I could nab a card down the road I play skyrim and civ 5 they seem to run fine. When I end a turn in Civ 5 it takes ages for the AI turns to cycle I think the CPU causes that. I bet the 7770 will go faster with ram and PCIe 3.0 vs 1.1. I want to play Elder Scrolls Online when it releases. These aren't very graphic intensive apps.
  7. Damn, that's some bad luck. I'd definitely try to replace the mobo ASAP.

    What's your budget? I could help select a board and CPU if you'd like.
  8. 500 tops.. i think usd. the less I spend the more I can pour into my car..
  9. I'm looking at the xeon 1230v2 and a b75 board.. i need ram.. I keeping the rest of the hardware.. I have windows 8.1 I can reactivate for the rebuild it's 2 months old..
  10. I wouldn't say it's bad luck the 975/965 board lasted 7 years with cheap chinese caps.
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    That's a good choice. I'm getting a Xeon 1230v3 myself, great value for money.

    How much of your budget is left over for the RAM? The Xeon supports up to 1600MHz, so 2x4GB 1600MHz would be ideal.
  12. my ram is ddr 2 800 4 one gig sticks..
  13. i saw new egg running ddr3 2100 for the same prices as the 1600 I thought I might try that.
  14. 75 tops for ram.. maybe grab a z77 just for the better phase regulators it might last a few more years?
  15. The xeon 1230v2 is an i7 ivy bridge with no integrated video.. 66 watts..
  16. b75 and z77 chipsets support it..
  17. 11 watts cooler than an stock I7
  18. Maybe that's what I should do.. with any z77 i could lock turbo and runs the fast ram..
  19. The z77 would have better audio.. but the b75 probably has better audio than my 965...
  20. I think heat killed my motherboard.. I am concerned b75 would have cheap caps and crap chipset cooling.
  21. When I look at b75 boards Asus has the worst ratings..
  22. Broadwell is coming out soon so the new instructions appeal of haswell will be over by xmas.
  23. I'd grab some quality 1600MHz RAM honestly. Quite often it's the RAM timings that make the performance difference, not the clock speed. 1600MHz at 9-9-9-24 would be nice.

    The choice of motherboard is up to you, since you're not overclocking it's just the features that will make a difference - SATA ports, USB3, PCIe ports...

    If the price is close, I'd say grab the Z77 board. Which brand and model for each board?
  24. average joe said:
    Broadwell is coming out soon so the new instructions appeal of haswell will be over by xmas.

    But the instructions would still be there. If future CPUs begin using those instruction sets and they become popular, Haswell would almost certainly hold up for longer than IB.
  25. All the Asus ROG boards win awards the rest of their line has 3 stars or less.. Did they get a new CEO or something? I'm beginning to think Gigabyte is the only safe brand. I've never owned an AsRock I thought ASus created them to make cheap crap like Cisco/linksys
  26. I'm looking at getting an ASRock Z87 Pro4 to pair with my Xeon 1230v3 since it's so similarly priced to B and H series boards here in the UK. I've also heard that the ASRock boards have a little hat-trick so that you can do a small overclock on the Xeons even though they're not intended to. I believe they also have MCE (Multi-core Enhancement) so you can run all cores/threads at 3.7GHz rather than the default 3.5GHz.
  27. I'm an old timer so I shun microatx board because they usually have fewer power phases.. Asus used to run 8 phase power on boards vs say msi running 4 what happens is the 4 phase power makes the voltage regulators run alot hotter meaning your board dies in 4 or 5 years vs lasting 10 years.. i don't know if thats still true.. I did see a few micro asrock boards that had everything I wanted but couldn't find the number of phases listed anywhere..
  28. I have a high end Asus board with a (super socket 7) cyrix 486 x4 120 that runs like new and its 20 years old. But alot of folks kill their boards in 2 or 3 years now.. Asrock wins a lot of awards lately.. MSI does too. But nothing lasts like they used to. I looked at AMD FX series as an option but buying a dead chipset and a 120W CPU that you can light a cigar on doesn't seem like a good investment.
  29. MSI lists 10,000 hour capacitor life time. Asus lists 5,000 hour capacitor lifetime. Asrock list 5 - 10 k capacitor lifetime. Gigabyte lists 50,000 hour capacitor lifetime. Not sure why gigabytes is so high maybe it's a typo?
  30. If gigabytes capacitors were that much better someone would be writing articles about it wouldn't they?
  31. I'd grab the Z77 because it's similarly priced to that B75. Not sure about the capacitor lifetime, but ASRock's higher end stuff is pretty decent. I know some of their lower-end AM3+ boards are shoddy.

    As for the RAM, the timings are quite high, I'd rather have CAS 9 since you'll be running it at 1600MHz anyway.
  32. I think I can run it at cas 9 if i lower the speed to 1600 but i think both boards would run it at 2100 as long as it has ivy bridge and not sandy bridge.
  33. 5,000 hours is only 204 days running 24/7.. That's not very good.
  34. 10,000 would be 408. Most motherboards will last longer than that.
  35. Aha!! I found it. Asus rates their caps at 5,000 hours at 104 Celsius or 50,000 at 65 Celsius where as Gigabyte uses 50,000 at 65 Celsius. Asrock and MSI actually use better caps but their marketing dept sucks.
  36. Gigabytes ultradurable 5 uses the 10k caps too but 4 and below is the same as Asus. No one will be running 105c but the 10k caps are Nippon Chemi-Con Ultra grade Japanese caps. They should be good for 20 years.
  37. Zoom in on newegg and use windows magnifier and you can read the logos.. =D
  38. Asus is using the cheapest caps of the lot..
  39. Seems Gigabyte/ASRock/MSI is the way to go if you want a cheaper but lasting system then.
  40. I'm actually thinking of going this route now just because they board should last longer..
  41. I doubt I would ever cross fire but 10 power phases means cooler power since it splits the load between all voltage regulators or at least 8 of them vs 4 on the asrock pro series. The other two phases power the subsystems. The voltage regulators will run a lot cooler since they are pushing 1/2 the juice under load.
  42. Bite the bullet and spend 100 buck on a overclocker motherboard just for the sheer ruggedness of it.
  43. I'll be pushing my budget but I'm gambling 2 - 3 yrs from now hyper threading and will matter matter more than it does right now. I expect games will be ported from xbox one and the new sony console both of which use a lot of cores.
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