Nvidia GeForce GT 610 dual monitor - HDMI/DVI connections work fine, VGA does not


I was wondering if anyone could help me with a bit of a problem I have.

I did a fresh Windows 7 Pro install on one of my computers, updated everything I could update and install all the drivers I could find, including the latest one for the GT 610 graphics card that is in said computer.

I'm trying set up dual monitors, however, I'm experiencing the following issue:

HDMI+DVI - works fine. I get two monitors without a problem
HDMI+VGA or DVI+VGA - I only get the non-VGA monitor working.
VGA only - black screen.

I assume I am missing something very obvious indeed but I can't figure it out and even Google has failed me - could anyone point me in the right direction?
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  1. if vga by it self(with all other cables unplugged from monitor and gpu) is not working i would try a different vga cable.
  2. I have VGA +HDMI and the HDMI is Black for but its detected
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