Two amd radeon r9 270x or One gtx 780

I am getting a new motherboard a gigabyte Z87-oc and a new processor and I was wondering since my new motherboard is compatible with up to 4 crossfire I thought I should get another one of my graphics cards gigabyte radeon r9 270x for £170 or a gtx 780 for £400
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  1. Do you already have a R9 270x card?
  2. AnEwG said:
    Do you already have a R9 270x card?

    Yeah I already have one the gigabyte radeon r9 270x
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    I'd say 780..
  4. If you didn't have the R9 270x card already I think the GTX 780 would have been the better choice, it has more Vram, and AMD dual GPU crossfire performance is plagued with problems.
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