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Hi so I built my new rig and by the grace of god everything seems to be working. I installed all my essential software and am now moving on to my games. I wanted to know, is there a way to to install my programs onto my HHD (2TB) by default? Could I simply move my program (and program x86) folder to my HDD, or would I have to change settings to make that my default install location.
Also for steam games. Is there a way to have steam games, by default, install on my HDD? Im sure that is not difficult, but my final question is can I make my HDD my default steam folder, BUT keep a FEW games on my SSD (e.g. Left for dead2 and other multiplayer games)
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  1. Best way I know how is to change the path when installing. It usually ask you where. For example I have 2 program file folders , C: and D: When installing a game that I need a little faster load time on I leave the path as C: if it's an indie game or one just for fun then you just need to change the drive letter. Hope that helps or someone might know more.
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    Steam, you can designate multiple locations. It will ask for where when you install a new game.

    See this tutorial for other info:
  3. Thanks USAFRet. That helped me also.
  4. Agreed. Thank you USAFRetthat link proved very helpful.
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