Need Help Building a computer good for gaming , But also recording and editing!

Hello Tom's Hardware community , Firstly , i need help choosing a processor for recording game play , while maintaining a good fps in-game.

I am considering getting an Intel i5 4670k due to its overclocking potential and its 4 more powerful cores to reach the fps. But due to my Amd build , i would have to spend $249 plus another $80 for a mother board.
So should i just go with a AMD 8320 or even a 8350 to save some money and stay with my AMD based system?
I take it that the AMD 8320 will smoke the i5 4670k in the video rendering department. But im just a little scared of the fps i will get in gameplay.

My current build is an
AMD HIS 7770
And i play on a 1600x900 screen.

When recording minecraft and terraria , i get an average of 70-100 recording.
i want to move onto recording battlefield 4 game-play and cod ghosts , the settings don't need to be on ultra , high will do.
I know the AMD FX 4300 isnt the best processor and is bottlenecking my videocard btw. Im just waiting for an upgrade :)
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  1. I wouldn't be so sure regarding the 8320 vs 4670K:

    But if you are on a budget, yea, an AMD upgrade to an 8320/8350 is probably the way to go. Just make sure your motherboard will support them.
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