i have installed realtek audio driver ,and sound is well when i use earplugs;but having problem when im nt using earplug.that

i have installed realtek high definition audio driver for HP430 model and window7,and sound is well when i use earplugs;but having problem when iam nt using earplug.that is sound doesn't come when i am not using earplugs.
can anyone tell me what is the problem. it is the problem with driver or i need another audio driver.or hardware problem(problem in speaker) .if i need another driver please do tell me.
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  1. Did you look in Device Manager to check for driver errors?

    If you didn't download the driver from the HP website it will be the wrong one. Only HP have the correct drivers for their own laptop models. HP United Kingdom drivers page is here:

    For other countries click the United Kingdom flag at bottom-left of HP page.
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    If the sound works using headphones, your speakers could be bad. If you only tried the internal speakers, check with a set of external ones, but since they would be using the same headphone connection as the headphones they should work fine.
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