Sabertooth x58 ai suite for windows 8?

I have a sabertooth x58 motherboard with a intel i7-950 and a ton of fans inside my corsair vengeance c70. I was wondering if there is any way to get fanxpert or aisuite for this motherboard under windows 8. Thanks!
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    You maybe out of luck because the x58 MB is old and those softwares are not compatible with X58.
  2. :( ugh that sucks, thanks for the help anyways!
  3. Im trying to do this. Nothing has worked though, including using the versions of the software in AI suite which were current at the time the Sabertooth X58 was new (Fan xpert 1.00.13, not fan xpert II, pc probe etc) and trying compatability mode etc.

    Not much of a solution, but you could possibly try with an XP or windows 7 emultaor (I think they supported 7). At least for testing purposes that might be of some use. I think installation fails because of the OS, not the board, because I know from an review of the board that old versions do work with the board..

    Good luck.
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