Intel System Trouble Booting

Hello, recently i built my first pc with the components i bought. I installed everything correctly managed to launch pc succesfully installed windows, drivers and it worked perfectly. After 4-5 days it started to act weird, when i press the power button, for just 2-3 seconds it turns on ( i can see fans start spinning) but then it resets the power, waitin 1-2 secs before turning on again. Then it usually boots perfectly with no problems at all... I am wondering what might cause this problem, i know that every part of pc can cause such problems but if you know similiar problem with my setup i would really appreciate any fix or suggestions.

My components;

Asus Maximus VI Hero [Bios V0903]
Intel i7-4770K
1xCorsair Vengeance 1600MHZ [On 3rd slot]
Aftermarket Cooling [Hyperion something not sure right know]
An Intel SSD for System and A Samsung HDD for Backup & Storage
700Watt Thermaltake PSU


Here is more info i think might be helpful;

There is a 8 pin connector for my cpu on motherboard but i only plugged in one 2x2pin connector. My Psu has 2 2x2 connectors and i am unsure if i can also plug those. This is another question that i would like to get an answer as i suspect this might be causing trouble. I didn't oc my Video Card and sure it is not faulty (Used it before this system). My Cpu isn't also OCed it runs at stock speed 3.5Ghz with 3.8Ghz Turbo. i have 3 case fans connected to individual CHA_FAN headers and my Cpu Fan on CPU_FAN header. To note i have 3(4?) USB devices connected to my pc; 1 For my G300 Mouse, 1 For my G430 Headset, 2 For my G710+Keyboard [1 for keyboard itself and 1 for usb passthrough on keyboard] and also a normal connected speaker. I use VGA connection and i think it is irrelavent to the situvation. To minimize possibility of a problem, i disabled every fast boot option. I don't have any CD/DVD/etc drivers.

To Summerize;

1 Video card Occupying PCI-E 3.0
3 USB devices Occupying 4 USB slots
1 Ethernet Cable Occupying its slot
1 DIMM Ram Occupying 3rd ram slot
1 SSD and 1 HDD Occupying 2 Sata Slots
3 Case fans Occupying 3 CHA_FAN header [3Pin Fans on 4Pin case plugged correctly]
1 CPU fan OCcupying 1 CPU_FAN header [Same as above]
1 2x2Pin power plugged on a 2x4Pin Slot
24Pin ATX plugged
1x8Pin + 1x6Pin power plugged on GTX680
No manuel OC
No BSOD, Driver crash, Stutter, Freeze, CTD on Fullscreen apps, after succesfull boot.
No usb pins on MOBO used
HDD LED, POWER LED, Power and Reset Pins installed.
No front audio pins used
1 Fan installed directly to PSU with Molex
2+1Speaker plugged
Connected to monitor via VGA cable.
No error LED on MOBO is signalling.
The Q Code Display on Maximus VI Hero shows A0 when boots correctly.
The Q Code Display on Maximus VI Hero shows nothing meaningfull when fails to boot.
No fast boot options used.
System installed on SSD.
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  1. Which Thermaltake PSU do you have? Chances are it is low quality and causing problems.
  2. The PSU came with the Case i bought, it says that its model is; LP-700AL2NH
  3. Yep, it is trash. Replace it ASAP before it does damage to your computer.

    Get an Antec, XFX, Corsair (not CX), Seasonic unit ONLY.
  4. tiny voices said:
    Yep, it is trash. Replace it ASAP before it does damage to your computer.

    Get an Antec, XFX, Corsair (not CX), Seasonic unit ONLY.

    Thanks for the reply, will get a new one asap and see if it fixes the problem. I thought that might be the problem.
    How much Watt would these components use, is 700 Watt enough or shall i get a higher one (or a lower one if i dont need as much)
  5. Best answer
    650w is more than enough here. Get this unit:

    VERY high quality unit for a VERY good price.
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