Is this a beast gaming build?

.Kingston v300 120gb ssd
.AMD FX 6300 6core CPU
.8BG DDR3 1600 MHz G Skill Ripjaws X Series
.WD 1TB Cavier blue 7200RPM 6gb/s hdd
.Asus m5a97 r2.0 AM3+
.EVGA Geforce GTX 660TI superclocked 2GB GDDR5
.Corsair cx750m 80+ bronze
.DIYPC Solar-M1-G case
.Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo
I know you will say to get the tx series and a 760, but I already purchased those two parts first and I can't return. I am still very happy with those parts.
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  1. It will be fine. If you can spare it you might even consider getting the FX 8320, it's not a major expense now and will provide more performance in the newer heavily threaded games.
  2. Will the 8320 actually see a greater performance increase?
  3. The 8320 is $155 right now, which is overpriced compared to the $176 i5-3350p . If you're spending that much, you may as well get the I5 (the 8320 *should* be priced at ~$134 to be competitive).

    There are only 2 games right now that can use more than 6 threads. By the time there are a significant enough number of games using 8 threads to justify an 8 thread system over a 6, there will be newer platforms better able to handle them than anything out or about to come out.

    buying for "futureproof" in a PC now is folly. Buy what you need now, + a little bit. the 6300 is by far the best purchase in the FX lineup.

    Your system is pretty solid as is. If this is to be a pure gaming machine, the only change I might suggest is dropping the SSD in favor of a stronger video card (and possibly a stronger processor). SSD's are nice for load times, but give no practical in game benefit. If you play multiplayer, you're going to be waiting for all the non-SSD player's to load in anyway.
  4. I'm choosing to go with AMD so I can fit in an ssd. Is it worth it?
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    Just pointing it out as at 'best' i've seen the difference between fx 6300 and fx 8320 be $20, which is well worth the extra investment. Of course at the time i believe the FX 8320 was on sale for $139.99.
  6. Lol that would be hilarious xD I think I might just stick with the ssd so my computer will not slow down even after a few years when my cpu and gpu are outdated
  7. *you could also split the difference. drop your SSD and your HDD and buy a hybrid drive.

    Storage: Seagate 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Hybrid Internal Hard Drive ($89.99 @ Dell Small Business)

    The hybrid drives are really nice. the read speads are damn close to an SSD once they learn what files you access most, and read speed is 90% of the reason gamers buy ssd's :)

    Wish they'd been out when I slapped my system together. My steam library doesn't even come close to fitting on 240gb.

    invest that extra cash in a stronger video card.
  8. I have actually never heard of a hybrid drive so that is pretty cool, but I am happy with my parts lol thank you. if you really recommend me getting the 8320 it can still fit my budget. Where did you see it on sale?
  9. I am justing putting my os on the ssd and everything else on my hardrive
  10. it's not that price now. the cheapest 8320 is the $155 i posted above.
  11. lukeskywalkerbachman said:
    I am justing putting my os on the ssd and everything else on my hardrive

    If that's the case, buy a 60gb SSD.
  12. Lol oh. Stick with my cpu, get a better gpu, and get a smaller ssd. Okedoke
  13. enjoy your beast.
  14. One last thing. Will a 6300 bottleneck my gpu or anything above
  15. No, FX6300 will be fine for the above machine.
  16. If you are close to a micro center they have the fx 8320 for $99 in store
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