please help choosing a ssd

looking to buy a new ssd
have few options but cud n't decide which one is better in performance
1.ADATA Premier 128GB Pro SP600 SSD-Series : Premier Pro SP600
Model : ASP600S3-128GM-C

2.ADATA Premier 128GB Pro SP900 SSD-Series : Premier Pro SP900
Model : ASP900S3-128GM-C

3.Corsair 120GB SSD CSSD-F120GBLS Force Series LS-

4.Plextor 128GB SSD PX-128M5S M5S Series-Series : M5S Series
Model : PX-128M5S

5.SAMSUNG 120GB SSD 840 EVO MZ-7TE120BW-Series : 840 EVO
Model : MZ-7TE120BW

6.SAMSUNG 120GB SSD 840 Series MZ-7TD120BW 2.5 inch SATA III-Series : 840 Series
Model : MZ-7TD120BW

7.ADATA 128GB XPG SX900 SSD-Series : XPG SX900
Model : ASX900S3-128GM-C

they all are at same price range

hope some one will help me out.

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    Get the Samsung EVO. It has software that enables a RAM cache and will give you about 1,000MB/s speed. About twice as fast as any other SSD. And at a good price.
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