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recently built a new system. Had issues with the GPU they sent me and had to RMA it. Since I have a computer laying around with a Radeon HD 5850 I figure I'd use this while I'm waiting for the replacement GPU to arrive, however, after installing the HD 5850 none of my games work and windows won't recognize my card.

I've uninstalled all Nvidia drivers/physX, basically everything that had anything to do with the RMA'd card. I've installed new drivers from AMD for the HD and still nothing.

I understand that formatting, reinstalling windows will probably solve it but I'd prefer not going that route.
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  1. I've ran CCleaner, had some registry entries deleted, and that's about it. My previous GPU was a GTX 770 SC.

    Instead of listing my current GPU in control panel>system it lists desktop performance for windows aero, however aero doesn't work properly either.
  2. Try to clear the CMOS settings by removing the CMOS battery for atleast 5 mins. See what happen !

    BTW what is the make/model of PSU ?
  3. CX750M, it makes some noise however I followed a guide for deleting remaining registry from nvidia drivers. Can play the games but windows still doesn't recognize the card.
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