New system, need help to get into budget.

Like the title says, I am building a new gaming rig for personal use as well as extra credit in school. My budget is strictly $800. So far this is kind of what I am wanting.
I know there are probably cheaper motherboards and/or processors I could go with but I am having no luck finding good information.
I do not need a HDD, only the SSD. I presently have 3 - 1Tb 7200's that I plan to use to impliment a raid 5. I do not need an OS as I have access to Win8 Enterprise.
I want to spend at or under the 800 and still get very good performance out of my rig.
Thank you very much for your time and consideration.
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  1. You can save yourself a hundred dollars downgrading the 760 to a 660, you'll still get great performance (That's $877). Also, you shouldn't need an after market cooler for a stock CPU, dump that (Down to $740). Well - that was easy.

    Best of luck
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    1) Your ram is slow, and while you have a lot of it, 8 gigs is more than enough to run any game. You should get 1600MHz ram or above for gaming.

    2) You could get away with a 600watt PSU easily.

    3) If you search for your parts on you will get very detailed specs about each part. I use this site to buy all of my pc parts simply because of the detailed information they give you about each product.

    Hope this helps you out a bit :)
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