Gateway DX4200-09 Desktop PC, Need A New Graphics Card

This is the PC I've got. The only thing I've changed is the operating system. Went from Vista to Windows 7. This computer was great for the games I played back when I got it (2008 or something), but I can seriously see how bad it is now. I can hardly play Dragon Nest even on the lowest graphical setting. FPS is absolute garbage. Even MapleStory is starting to give me trouble.

My birthday is coming up and I've been asking for a graphics card/processor that can at MOST handle Tera 2. I don't play VERY graphically demanding games, but I would at least like to run something as simple as MapleStory without my screen freezing. Please help me out, I haven't even got a clue on where to start looking for new processors/cards.
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  1. Well what is your budget?
  2. Gate9er said:
    Well what is your budget?

    I'm gonna say 200$, maximum 300$.
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    Well you definitely do not want to throw a $300 GPU in that system. First of all, if the specs' list I found applies, the power supply is too weak. Also the CPU may bottleneck the card so you will loose performance. Also, the desktop runs at DDR2 RAM bandwidth which is old now. In conclusion a GPU of $200-$300 would be an overkill for the games you play.

    Get the cheapest possible solution like a GT640 or even a GT630. You will be fine.
  4. The most I'd probably get would probably be the Radeon 7750, your CPU will still hold it back a bit, but it should give you a performance boost over the Radeon HD 3200 you currently have
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