Wierd Sound Freeze

So I get a wierd sound pop while installing big applications while playing audio. I know that it isn't the mobo, hard drive, ram. or video card since it has done it when I switched these components out. Could be cpu I guess but I heard that power supplies can cause noise interference in your onboard sound. Has anyone ever heard of anything like this before? The sound just pops every once in awhile through a large installation and it isn't consistent. Notice it mostly in long installations like video drivers.

Update. On another one of the installations I noticed that installing direct X freezed the video for a second that I was watching? Is this a PSU problem or is this normal for high hard drive activity.
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  1. Tried disabling all sound effects on sound settings because someone else had a similar problem. Will see if it works but knowing my luck it probably won't. Will probably be awhile until I can get my hands on another PSU or CPU to test. I am thinking that it is definitely not the processor through.
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