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OK so I just built a new rig with Windows 7 Home Premium, and I'm trying to connect to the internet via a wired connection. I activated windows thru the phone method because for some reason my wired connection does not seem to link me to the internet. I've connected the computer to my router, and I was under the impression that it would automatically connect me. My other desktop is connected this way. It does not do this for the new rig, and the only way it seems is that I must give it my ISP username and ISP password. Is this standard, or should it be doing it another way?
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  1. What you were asking depends on what internet connection you have and provider. A few years back on ADSL NOT 'always on' you needed to have a username and password on your computer but nowadays this is all done in the router or you don't need it, it is always on and settings are kept on your router.

    I see you said you can connect to the internet with another PC there so your router seems OK
    -Good one in activating windows through the phone, I have done this like 10 years ago with XP because I didn't have internet :)

    You can first of all make sure your network adapter drivers are installed, by going to Device Manager and look for Network Adapters. If there are no drivers for your Network card then you need to install them as this would be why you cannot get connected.

    If the Network adapters are fine (no exclamation mark or whatever) on Device Manager, try forcing it to renew its IP address:
    Open up Command Prompt, type 'ipconfig /release' wait a while for it to release its IP settings and then do 'ipconfig /renew' to retrieve IP settings for your PC from your DHCP service on your router.

    Once that is finished do just ipconfig and check what is the IP assigned. If you get a ip address then the issue persists

    I hope this helps you to get through this.
  2. Yeah I don't have any network adaptor cards/devices. I would prefer to use a wired connection anyway, it just seems like I'm going to have to figure out the ISP credentials. It's Comcast for the ISP and Netgear for the router.
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    If you are able to connect an Ethernet cable to your PC port then you have an integrated network card in your motherboard:) Because it is a new build there is a little chance you may need drivers for your network port but if you have that installed already and if your connection still requires a login then yeah but you would only do this for an old ADSL line.

    It is also a good idea to check the status of your connection on Network and Sharing Center and then Change Adapter Settings, which will show you if the cable is connected well, if the port is disabled, etc, even if you right lick on this and select Diagnose it can help you determine where is the problem.
  4. Yeah it's Xfinity but still DSL with PPPoE so I think it requires those credentials. I'll figure those out sometime tomorrow since they aren't mine, they're under my Dad's account and he's working overnight
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