What Exactly is a Macro?

I play on a Minecraft server (don't judge) that strictly bans macros. I'm unclear on what the technical definition of a macro is. I have buttons on the side of my mouse that I do bind to other keys, but I'm not sure if this is considered a macro (I'm not even sure if I'm using the word correctly). Please let me know if this is considered a macro and I would also like a proper definition of "macro" for future reference. Thanks!
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    A series of keystrokes or mouse clicks, all triggered in sequence by one action. Mouse click or single keystroke.

    Press one key, and it:
    Do A
    Do B
    Turn around 180 degrees
    Do C
    Switch weapons
    Shoot again

    How do they detect it? No human can mouse click or type that fast.
  2. Thanks for the help!
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