$100-$150 Gaming Monitor?

Dose anybody know of a good $100-$150 gaming monitor that is 20in-23in and can be ordered online? Looking not to have speakers built in but if i must i will. Thanks for looking.

p.s ~ USD price
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  1. Asus VX238H-W its a bit over 150 bucks but is a really nice monitor. I use it for my pc gaming and xbox gaming and I just completely love it.
  2. The only thing I dont like about the benq monitor is the 4ms response time and the no built in speakers(not like it matters though.)
  3. The monitor that I suggested and the one that you chose are pretty much the same exact thing. There really isn't much of a difference.
  4. Wait, that monitor will not work. I do nott have nor plan getting a hdmi on gpu and i like dvi.
  5. With the asus vx238h-w, it has a dvi to hdmi. You plug in the dvi to the gpu and the hdmi to the monitor
  6. so you are saying if i get that monitor, anywhere it should come with a cable that is dvi at one end and hdmi at the other? Or i could simply buy such a cable?
  7. No it comes with it. I know for a fact cause I bought the exact monitor
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