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im upgrading from my hdd witch to get a 2tb sshd or a 250gb ssd for better gaming
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  1. For better gaming? Get the 2TB SSHD. An SSD doesn't matter too much for gaming as its not constantly reading or writing anything-you download the game (write) then you are reading the preinstalled game. Faster read spead wont net you any better performance, I've done tests between SSD's and SSHD's to prove it. Get the 2TB so you can fit more games on there and you'll be happy.
  2. how much of loading screens will be decreased,,, will it make much of a difference compared to sshd
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    Its not noticeable, believe me I find no difference between the two when I boot games and run them. You'll benefit more with the 2TB of space.
  4. thank you ferwindjacks

    i bought the 2tb sshd

    also i want to ask in case in the future i want a ssd will it be compatible with my sshd
  5. Thats a silly question, as drives don't care what other drives are connected. All that matters is your PSU has enough connectors for more drives!
    so yes, it will be "compatible" with your SSHD.

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