Can anyone confirm dual 780 ti cards in sli can run 6-8 monitors?

I know you can only game on 3 but can you work on 6 or even 8 monitors at once with all those ports from the 2 cards? My single card just arrived today and i couldnt find the answer in the documentation. Thanks!
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    If they are in SLI you can only use the display outputs from the primary card, if you want to run more screens than a single card can support you need to use them in non-SLI mode.
  2. Thats right, thanks. You just have to turn off sli in the software to get all 6 working that way i forgot
  3. I just wanted to update that I'm running 4 screens and testing 1 extra one that is from my motherboard graphics chipset out on the asrock extreme6. It works good for work. For gaming its just not used. Just set in bios to enable iGPU. Primary graphics display in bios is still set for pci express so I don't think I need to turn it off to game it should still work fine and I tested it ok with iGPU enabled and it just ran off my gtx 780ti. It would not run Battlefield 4 in ultra mode if it was off my motherboard chipset.
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