which one should i upgrade first?

which should i upgrade first, my geforce gtx 560, or my amd athlon x4 640?
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  1. If you use the PC for game then upgrade the GPU first. Budget?
  2. enough to buy a geforce gtx 660, but im have problems playing gta 4 without lag, i heard upgrading my cpu to a amd fx 8320 will solve that problem, and that i should get that first
  3. also the reason why i cant play most games at recommended settings is bc of my cpu
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    gta 4 is the cpu intensive game. Here is one of the review ( it is old)

    If you play it a lot, then get the new 4 or 6 cores CPU that depends on what MB you have. And I said get the GPU because most games are GPU intensive.

    Here is one old guide: tweaking for gta4 performance.
  5. I would upgrade the CPU if you want to play GTA
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