Screen tearing with 660 OC, Windows 7 (classic theme), and BF4 issues!

This is a lot to take in so I apologize, but it's driving me insane. There's a known problem with using the Windows 7 classic/basic theme and it causing screen tearing.

Here's the thing, Windows aeros causes BF4 to flicker at full screen for me. I can only run BF4 on windowed mode. Borderless doesn't work, because it magnifies the screen so large that I'm staring right at the markers on the map.

So, what do I do? I change my settings to Windows Classic theme and BF4 runs on full screen, windowed, whatever BUT no matter if I have v-sync forced through the game or the Nvidia control panel it doesn't work. There's screen tearing everywhere...even on any videos using classic for that matter. That's with classic enabled keep in mind.

I'm at wits end. I have even been considering purchasing Windows 8.1 to fix it. I've downloaded BF4 again after deleting everything. I've forced v-sync, and it's just not working. My other games play perfectly. Now it is worth noting that I played around with downsampling a week ago using higher resolution settings for BF4. I haven't done it any more, but that still doesn't explain why it works on one theme and not the other.

Anyways, I'm just ranting now but if someone has any advice then I'm all open for it.

Thanks in advance!
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    Run on AERO windowed mode and use a program called fullscreenizer to make it borderless
  2. Thanks buddy! BTW..Deadpool is amazing.
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