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is there any software that can simulate as Graphic Card to run high end games on PC with no graphic card installed
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  1. No, buy a new graphics card
  2. Not NO but HELL NO!
  3. LOL if this was possible so many manufacturers like Sapphire,XFX,Asus,EVGA and big companies like AMD and Nvidia would be bankrupt right now
  4. but i heard about 3DAnalyze software which can emulate as graphic card
    here's the link
    I m not able to understand it well
  5. by the looks of it, it will just tell you to turn your settings down
  6. so will it help to play games
  7. Ravi Gagan said:
    so will it help to play games

  8. Best answer
    no, just turn the settings down yourself, resolution, anti aliasing, shadows, ambient occlusion and post processing are fps killers
  9. thanks bud
  10. No problem:)
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