New Rig - HDD recognized in bios, does not show in windows.

Hello, So I've just finished building a brand new system, and it has 1 ssd in it for the operating system, and another 1TB HDD in it for storage, the HDD is connected to a sata 2.0 port and sata power cables, there is also another slot on the back of it that looks like 4 pins, theres nothing plugged in there (not sure what that is or if i have to plug it in), when i start the system and go into the bios, the bios shows that hard drive as an IDE 1tb hdd, but when i start windows (8.1) only my ssd which windows is installed on shows up.

I had initially plugged the HDD in to a sata III slot because i thought they were backwards compatible like that, but my bios was not detecting it then, so i moved it over to a sata II slot, now the bios detects it but still doesnt show up in windows... Also is there a difference between sata II and sata III cables?

How do i fix this so I can use the HDD as storage?
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    Well this i guess I will post the answer to my own question lol, I went into the disk management option in windows after reading that advice in another thread, and the HDD showed up there with 1 partition as reserved for system and another with the majority of the space not partitioned, so i created a partition that was the rest of the space, and now that partition shows up in windows as a drive i can store files on.
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