Need a Gaming Graphic card under INR 7000 around 120$

my specs-
Intel I5
500gb HDD
4gb ram
mobo-intel DZ75ml-45k

i want to play games like Nfs rivals,metal gear rising revengeance,bf4,cod ghosts and all other latest games in high res
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  1. Sapphire HD 7770 @Rs 8000 will be best at this price range. You will not be able to max out graphics settings but on medium u should be fine. BF4 and Crysis may run on lower settings @ 1080p. At 1366*768 you may be able to max out about everything. Also if you dont have a good branded PSU, get one with 500W because PSU directly influences the card performance.
  2. My psu is of bulzer 450watts.
    And how is the r7 250
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    Muqtadir Mohammed said:
    My psu is of bulzer 450watts.
    And how is the r7 250

    7770 is about 30% faster than R7 250. I really cannot tell you about your PSU quality I think its a sub standard. Good ones at a good budget are corsair power supplies VS or CX series.
  4. Yeah the HD 7770 or GTX 650TI will be good
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