Unable to access my SSD on a new laptop. The computer can see it. Stumped in Device Management. Help?

See here:

Since the options are greyed out, I can't format or assign a drive letter to it. My laptop is an ASUS S551LB one, which runs on Windows 8.

How can I make it, well, appear and usable in My Computer? The SSD was one of the major selling points that convinced me to go with the ASUS S551LB, and it'd be a shame if it's irrevocably off-limits.
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    Pl try to activate the SSD.
  2. How would that work, exactly? I'd expected this thing to work right out of the box.
  3. Dear pl check in your mobo BIOS settings that SATA ports are enabled. Also if greyed options are hindering you to activate the SSD (Because no drive letter is assigned to it) then you may use any third party software to active it and assign drive letter to it.
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