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Hello, i'm having a performance problem with my current hardware setup.Basically when i play with my friends my fps is lower than them (I did make them set the same options in the game) while i have pretty equal hardware (GPU might make it superior).

My firends have;
AMD FX-8350
ASUS 7850
Normal HDD
Stock 8350 fan

I Have;
AMD FX-8150
ASUS 7950
SSD (I don't think this would make performance difference for playing)
Coolermaster X6

As you can see i have a better graphics card and there isn't much difference between 8150 vs 8350.I'm aware that 8150 has some single-core problems but this happens almost every game which use multi-core.
So what i need help with is to find out what is causing this problem.

Currently i'm thinking my MOBO might be the problem but my CPU is really getting old too.It's been 1,5-2 years since i bought 8150.I don't have any problems with heating i'm checking everything on my secondary screen while playing.Nothing seems to be working %100.Mostly my GPU and CPU load is at under %80 with low temps GPU at 50-60C, CPU at 45-55C.My Turbo is off on my MOBO.Nothing is exceeding load values(HDD, fan speeds etc.).I used 3 different programs, CPU-Z, HWMonitor, PCMeter (CPU and GPU).What do you think might be the problem?
(I'm not sure if i should've posted somewhere else but since i'm thinking my MOBO might be the problem MOBO experts might be a little more useful ^^)
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  1. windows 7 on both? or your friend is on 8? that can make a big difference in bf4
  2. Both Windows 8.1 64bit
  3. turbo should be on in bios since it increases single core speed helps in games, try to enable also mantle (get the latest beta catalyst and latest patch for bf4), it should help with cpu bottleneck scenarios and i think 7950 is supported.
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    his cpu is a bit faster, especially in single core scenarios, but i think the culprit is definitely the motherboard.
  5. But the problem is when i have turbo on, cpu throttles down.I don't have an option to turn off throttle down neither change temp to throttle down.It starts to throttle down something like 46C and it's just terrible i had a hard time finding the solution for it in the past because i didn't see any option about throttle down in my bios.So if i have turbo on it's even worse.
  6. Btw i get over 60 fps on BF4 (Except heavy scenes 50 fps) but in Arma 3 while none of my friends which have even worse specs than i put in my post don't have any problems get 40+ fps, but i get something like 15-20 fps.
  7. cool and quiet would reduce the frequency, turbo would increase single core frequency when not all are used.

    can you check motherboard temperatures with hwmonitor for example? it's possible the vrm circuitry overheats instead of cpu.
  8. When i enable turbo cpu speed goes upto 4.1 GHz and it automatically changes when it's needed or not. For example if it's idle it goes backto 0.8GHz or something like that. Cool n' Quiet should have fixed my problem because that's the option that is logically right but it didn't i don't know why but throttle down is caused by Turbo. (My bios is at lastest version)

    Problem is i don't know which one should i look TMPIN0, TMPIN1 or TMPIN 2 i don't know what they stand for.
    0 for Northbridge, 1 for Southbridge maybe? I don't know what is 2 and that temp seems high or maybe it doesn't have any sensor there.
  9. those voltages seem waaaaay off. what's your psu maker/model?
  10. Corsair CX-750M
    That screen is from when it was idle it probably adjusted the voltages i don't know.I haven't changed anything in the bios about voltages.
  11. even so, on idle just the cpu voltage needs to drop, not the other ones those should be locked at 12, 5 etc.

    i think something is very wrong either with the vrm on the motherboard or the psu itself...
  12. ask one of your friends to send you a screenshot of their hwmonitor if you dont believe me. it's ok to have +- 0.1v even from the 12, and 5 reference voltage but yours are 30-50% differences, it's A LOT suggesting either the psu is toast or the motherboard can't regulate voltages properly.
  13. to be honest i've never seen such differences i'm surprised it works :D
  14. On my last MOBO and PSU 4pin CPU power slot burn down because it wasn't placed properly (i couldn't see anything because of X6 and instead tried to plug it without looking and i tought since it had shapes for it to fit it wouldn't be any problem but it placed wrong).After that i changed Both my PSU and MOBO.I had 420W PSU back than so it was hard for me to get both good i chose not to get a good MOBO and just went with less price.
    PSU is pretty new generation so i don't think it should have any problems.I don't know maybe it's a faulty product but anyway i have to change my MOBO sooner or later.I need SATA III for SSD and i'd like to upgrade CPU chipset too so.. yeah.And i think it's probably a MOBO problem i'm going to change to ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0 (since i adviced it to my friend and it turned out to be good ^^).
    Thanks for all your help.I really appreciate it.
  15. no problem.

    p.s. sata 3 for ssd-s is way overrated. what you feel on ssd speed is random access speeds which aren't sped up much by the jump from sata 2 to 3. so don't expect to get the same speed difference you got when you switched from the hdd to the ssd. the increase will barely be felt in normal usage and will show just on benchmarks really...
  16. Yeah it's like 150-200 mb/s to 250-300 mb/s at least thats what i calculated would happen
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