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I know that this drive won't copy movies which is a big no no do I need this or just a DVDRW drive I don't have but one Blu Ray movie Wolf I do plan to buy blu rays instead of DVD movies I just want my new PC to be able to do what I wan it to do I do some gaming & love to listen to my mp3's what do ya fellas think I should go for the glory it will be a long time before I could build another PC after I get this one built I live on a fixed income & I must make every dollar count .The Blu Ray Burner costs $73.78 I do like LG products Let me know it's a great help to have advice from so many other PC folks so thanks ahead for the help
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  1. Don't think you'll actually need a burner. A regular Blu-Ray reader (and DVD burner) should suffice for your needs. The problem is most OEM Blu-Ray drives do not include the required software for playing Blu-Ray movies. This software generally costs between $50 and $100.

    Worry less about burning capabilities and worry more about included software (if any).

    LG ELECTRONICS USA, INC. - 16x Internal Blu-Ray Disc Double-Layer DVD±RW/CD-RW Drive - Cyberlinl PowerDVD included.

    -Wolf sends
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