Windows 7 won't recognize/install devices after update?


Recently I installed Windows 7 Professional N 64-bit, from Windows 8.1 64-bit. Everything worked fine the first couple of days of using Windows 7, but then I started having trouble with some devices not being installed properly, it does recognize the device, but when I look in the device manager I can see a yellow/black triangle next to the device, when I right click it tells me to troubleshoot the device, it then starts to find and install drivers for it, but without success. And then it goes like that each time I re-connect the devices.

I have tried alot of things to fix it but none of them worked. Updating OS, updating motherboard drivers ( including USB controller drivers ). Switching USB ports. Uninstall and install the devices on to the PC. Remove drivers, restart and install again. Removing INFCACHE.1 from System32/driverstore. Install device drivers manually. And all of these attempts lead me back to the same thing.

The only possible problem as I see it right now is that the devices in question are in conflict with some recent update I made to Windows 7, as the devices worked fine as I had just installed Windows 7, but after the luck. Is there some way to "roll back" the updates without loosing everything stored on the PC?

I also attached a picture so you can see what is looks like.

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  1. Yes you can uninstall the updates from Control Panel==Uninstall a program==View installed updates==Right click on update which you want the uninstall and hit the uninstall dialog.

    Else you can repair install the OS.
  2. Hi

    I recommend you run your primary boot windows installation disk and enter into repair mode.

    If no luck, at boot mode, hit "F8" key and select "Last known good configuration (your most recent settings that worked)."

    Hope this helps.
  3. I solved it by installing Windows 8.1 back.
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