i5 4670k or i7 4770k

I am building a pc that i will use for gaming (mostly) and video rendering/3d modeling (sometimes).Which CPU is going to be better?
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  1. 4770k is faster but more expensive. In Cinebench (benchmark for 3d rendering) at stock clock, the 4770k give us about 7.6 points, and 4670k about 6 points.

    My old q6600@3.4 give me 3.8 points (rendering and playing with it for 7 years) and my new 4930k@4.5 gives 13.5 points.

    For games I think that a 4670k with OC will be ok for some years...
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    Keyword here is "Gaming"
    To my eyes, 4670k which i have currently in use, works exactly the same as my test 4770k in gaming.
    If it was pure gaming, i'd say go for 4670k. Absolutely not worth the extra money.
    In workstation usage, such as rendering etc. etc, difference is considerable.
    So answer to your question is 4770k, as simple as that.
  3. ^ I agree with VPMH ^

    If you were just gaming I would say the i5. But for video rendering the i7 will be better.

    The decision depends on how much you want to spend and whether the amount of video rendering -vs- gaming you plan to do will justify the extra cost.
  4. I game and video render. I have a i7 4770K in my computer, while my friend has the i5. Gaming performance, we see very little difference (i may get 1 extra FPS here and there.) But video rendering is where my i7 shines. When using handbrake, his i5 renders about 250-300 FPS, my i7 gets double that, 550-600.
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