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My dad has a computer that's about 3 years old that he's had for a year or 2. He told he never cleaned it and I flipped out and went to work. I took everything out and cleaned it as I do with my own system. After I put it back together it won't catch the VGA connection. I tried 2 monitors and 3 different VGA cables. Also I put his HDD in my computer and when it gets to "Starting Windows" it just resets. What can I do? Is it fried or is there a fix?
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    There is a fix, but you might not like it. Re-install windows on that drive. You can bother yourself with diagnostic tools and other such. But it would be less of a headache to gather all of the important information from that drive onto your computer, format the drive, and then stick it back in his case and boot from the windows installation disk. A fresh start never hurts. (I do it once a year, at least, because of how much better a system runs with a fresh install.)

    Also, does he use the integrated graphics output? It's not terribly uncommon for those to fail. If the fresh install doesn't correct the video problems a super cheap graphics card might.

    Best of luck.
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