how to remove spray paint from pc case?

Hi, i have a black pc case, the paint is a bit rough, not completely smooth. I used paper tape for masking to make a rog logo, then i painted using a spray paint can. I did it before on my brother's pc case and it was good, but this time i screwed up. Now im looking for a way to remove the paint without ruining the black paint of the case. The paint i used wasn't very strong, i can remove it with my nails but it would take forever. Also, was i supposed to use an aerograph?
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  1. Use a good brand of paint thinner:

    Dip a small piece of cotton cloth in a little bit of paint thinner and then slowly using your index finger try to scrape it off. You shouldn't have any problems with that.

    And read this guide, really good read, you will like it.
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