How to move files from laptop to desktop?

Hi guys,

I have a 3 year old laptop which obviously doesn't have warranty anymore, so I can just safely remove my 2.5" HDD which I know how to do.

My question is:
Is it okay to just remove my 2.5" laptop HDD, connect it to my new desktop via SATA and transfer my files safely on My Computer(using windows 7)? Like transferring files from a flash drive? Or is it not advisable?

Just a little heads up, my desktop case has no 2.5" drive bay so my choices are, bunk it on top of my 3.5" HDD or just lay it below the case while I wait for the transfer? My files are about 130GB give or take. I do have a flash drive but the capacity sucks since it's only 4GB, and it'll probably take me ages if I take that road. LOL!

Oh, and my laptop HDD has only around 96-98% health.

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  1. Yes removing the laptop HD is the easiest and fastest way to transfer files if you don't have an external (USB) HD. The laptop HD can sit loose in the bottom of the case.
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    Yeah you can do it like that with no issues. Just don't let the drive drop if you value your data.
  3. Definitely the quickest way. or you can vnc onto your laptops c drive and copy it over the network, it takes a bit longer but i think its easier

    right click on your laptops c drive, Select the sharing tab
    Then click share

    then on your pc type

    \\(whatever the hostname is of you laptop)\c$
  4. Just set up a home network and transfer them that way or get a USB Stick.
  5. I do have a USB stick but it's only 4GB and my files are roughly 130GB.
    I'm not sure how to set a home network since my laptop is connected via Wi-Fi, and my brother who set up our home group forgot the password.

    So basically I'm stuck with transferring my files the hard way.

    Thanks guys.
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