Is it difficult to hook up a full modular PSU?(first timer)

I am getting this PSU
and wanted to ask if it is very difficult to hook all the pc components? I have never wired up a PC tower before so i have no idea of what to do except look for the plugs that fit the components. Am i getting myself worried for nothing?
My gaming tower was done by afriend originally and i need to replace the PSU and he is not available,plus i really want to KNOW how do do these kinds of things myself. :) Also needed to know if 4th gen is what i need for the components listed below?
i5 3570K
Evga gtx 780 sc
dvd drive
6 fan system
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  1. If you can plug in a cable, I think you can probably handle it. Yes, you are getting yourself worried for nothing.
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    it's quite easy, easier compared to non modular ones as you dont have extra cables around, just what's needed is plugged
  3. Can't really go wrong, you look at the shape of the socket then find a plug that looks the same and plug it in, if you have never did it and are a bit unsure just take note of how many and from where you took the original plugs from.
  4. PSU is solid. As a beginner, your worries are understandable but definitely you are worried for nothing. You can't go wrong because of the design of PSU and Mobo. Just follow the user guide of mobo and PSU and you'll get it done. You can also watch PSU Installation on youtube.
  5. Not at all! As a matter of fact I am a newbie to upgrading computer components (just started last week) and I recently purchased a fully modular power supply (CX750M) and it was a cakewalk to hook it up to my components. The process is about as easy as plugging in cables and with a fully modular PSU, you have the option of choosing what cables you need and want to use.

    I hooked up my brand-new PSU just two days ago and it was MUCH easier than I thought. You have nothing to worry about!
  6. Thanks everyone for the replies, seems i at least did the right thing going modular in that it iis easier than standard. plus i like the lack of "rats nest" effect from a modular psu vs regular.
    i seen pics of both and the modular looks so much more organized and neat
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