Corsair H60 vs CM hyper 212 evo.

Which of them has the best temp performance, and what do you suggest to buy? Thanks.
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  1. There isn't so much wrong with closed loop coolers. My issue is that they are too expensive and that more moving parts means a higher chance at failure.

    Also, When you attach a rad to a fan slot you move your noisy fan to the edge of your case, and get to hear it better. :(

    On my last cooler (seidon 120m), I was satisfied but annoyed with the noise. Then the pump began squealing and making occasional noises until I had to rip it out and replace it. When I put my hyper 212 in I felt relieved. It was a lot quieter, cheaper, cooled just about as well, and required a lot less worrying (about random pump noises/problems).

    I say go with the hyper 212. If you want something higher end, go with a noctua top-down style (c14 for example.) These are good because they are not only effective coolers, but also cool all the important parts around your CPU slot by blowing air strait down and across your motherboard. Brings your chipset temperatures down and provides for better overclocking. I don't see a reason to buy a closed loop again, personally. I have had 2 and neither was that impressive. Too many trade offs.
  2. I also found that even the h100i came with louder fans. I expect a lot more for $60-$80. Noctua's come with very quiet, high quality fans, and the hyper is also at least deep inside your case, and thus the sound can be contained.. but it seems that even that one is quieter than the closed loops. Maybe it's just my experience..
  3. It can't be the Corsair h60 is a little better than CM 212
  4. The bad thing is that i have already bought a Corsair h60 and i am not sure to place it because it may leak.
  5. for me they both got similar performance(cause i have had both of them in my system) but i would choos the h60 cause AIO only focuses one point of removing the heat and that is the rad and most likely in the rear so the heat will be going out , cause of that the case temp will be cooler. but they both have similar performance so it is up to you
  6. Anonymous said:
    The bad thing is that i have already bought a Corsair h60 and i am not sure to place it because it may leak.

    If you already have it use it, the chances that it leaks are extremely slim!
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