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I've had this issue with Google Chrome for a while now, whenever I am on some pages and I try to use the bookmark bar on top of the browser, the window that drops down goes invisible. Issue is not directly related to certain pages/domains, but the effect is the strongest on pages which utilize flash or such(mainly Twitch and Battlelog).

I can still click the bookmarks and launch the page, but it gets really annoying when I have +30 links on a single bookmark folder and trying to hit the right one is a bit difficult.

Here is a pic of what is going on exactly:

Things I have tried:
-Updating Flash
-Disabling all Chrome addons/extensions
-Reinstalling Chrome
-Reverting GPU drivers from Beta to WHQL
-Incognito mode
-Scanned for viruses/etc. with Malwarebytes
-Cleared cache/stuff with CCleaner

What is going on?! Halp D:
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    in chrome settings, chrome://settings/ advanced
    change the use hardware acceleration when available checkbox under system see if it makes any difference
  2. Well that was fast, and worked... I have had it always turned off, but somehow it must have gotten enabled in a Google Chrome patch :/.. Weird how they implement options that 99% of the time are the cause of these issues >_>
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