"Your boot device is not fully supported" New PC

I got a ASUS tower that was upgraded in almost every type of way.

I told the guy to take the HDD out because I had a Toshiba 1 TB External HDD.

I tried to install windows, but it kept telling me you can't do it on a external, so i took apart the case, and LUCKILY... there was a internal drive in there.

I hooked up the internal to wires that were coming from the power supply and another one that was going to the motherboard right next to where the DVD Drive was going to.

Now... Ever since i did that it changed something... It won't show me my USB Drive (It was configured to let me install windows like before)

Did i change a setting? I don't know. I also broke the tightening part of the cord going to the Internal Drive, so I'm gonna go get a new one from Radio Shack (4 bucks)

Even without the HDD, it still has a error. It keeps saying "Your boot device is not fully supported. Go to advanced setting > blah > blah > blah"

PLEASE HELP ME!!! I just got this yesterday and have been picking my brain on what to do next, but since I finally got a internal drive in there, something else went wrong. >.<

Thanks in advance.

Oh, and my specs are...
Intel Core i5 3.10 Ghz 3350P
Nvidia GT 640 1 GB
ASUS Motherboard
350W PSU
16 GB Ram (8x2)
I'm trying to install Windows 8
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    Check your MB manual to see how to change the boot device priority, you need boot the PC and go to the BIOS to change it. Here is how to
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