Computer crashes to black screen after installing new graphics card: any help/advice?

I've been having trouble with my computer where, after installing a new graphics card and the correct drivers, the computer will crash seemingly at random to a black screen. I'm able to use it to go on the internet or play games for anywhere from 5 minutes to half an hour, but it always crashes. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling drivers, reseating the graphics card, and I even gave Windows a new reinstall.

This is really frustrating me, so if anyone has seen or, especially, resolved a problem like this, your help would be greatly appreciated.
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    try contacting its manufacturer and describe your problem to them.
    The will surely replace your Card since its new if its the problem of the CARD

    also a faulty PCI slot or some problems on motherboard related to the PCI slot may cause the problem too

    PSU maybe too..
  2. What is your system specs ? It looks like you have a faulty/underpowered PSU.
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