Can You Mix Conventional Disk Drives & Solid State Drives?

My first post here, so thanks in advance for your help!

I'm building a new computer and wanted to use solid state drives. I've got some old software that doesn't work with Windows 7, so my plan was to install WinXP. I've read that WinXP doesn't play well with SSDs, so my new plan was to install Windows 7 and virtual WinXP inside of that.

I've heard that virtual WinXP may not work well with a SSD either, so I've ordered a mechanical drive for the operating system(s). I still want to use the SSDs for data storage. Will this work, or do all my drives have to be the same type?
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  1. Yes, of course you can do that!

    ...but installing your operating system to a mechanical drive and using the SSD for storage is pretty much wasting all the money you spent on the SSD.
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    This should be the plan:

    SSD - Windows 7. Host and main system. Most/all of your applications
    HDD - This is where you put the virtual drive(s), and other things that do not fit on the SSD

    I have this config, and it works VERY well. Only difference is Win 8.1 vs Win 7.
    On my virtual drives I have Linux, XP, and Server 2012.
  3. Thanks, USAFRet! I didn't know you could do that. I'll give it a try!
  4. Well, this has turned out to be a disaster so far. Bought 'new' HDD and it didn't work, got refund. Bought new HDD from reputable dealer and different cable. Bought different cable but seller described it wrong. Finally got correct cable but I don't see the drive in the BIOS.

    I see the other drives in the BIOS. I've tried swapping SATA slots and still don't see it. Hope it's not another dead drive. It's a Hitachi 300 GB 15K RPM drive.

    Is there something I need to do or do you think I've got a bad drive?


    UPDATE: The drive I'm trying to use is a Hitachi HUS153030VLS300, which I now understand is a server drive. Is this the reason that the BIOS won't recognize it?
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