New Build running a fair amount too slow?

Okay first off this is my first PC build, but I guarantee you this isn't the work of an idiot, I'm inexperienced in the sense that whilst this is my first build that doesn't mean I have never researched the process,
learned about the hardware, computers and the way they work ect.. But this is one thing I can't wrap my head around and solutions have never come far from what I have searched in the last hour or so.. So Specs I guess
comes first then some statistics and such, I'll explain the issues, and so on.


I purchased components from two different sites; and I'll note with each component that what came from either site respectively.

Asus M5A97 LE R2.0

Purchased from

Corsair Vengeance 1600MHZ 2x 4GB DDR3 RAM which is running at 1333MHz because apparently to get the full 1600 I need to OC my CPU, Tried that but it just says OC Failed every time so I reset it back to normal then it let me boot back up. It was purchased from

1 TB Western Digital Green HDD purchased from

MSI R9 270x 2GB Overclocked (AMD OverDrive was on but I turned it off and the system has seemed to speed up just a TINY bit) Bought from

AMD FX 4130 Quad Core 3.8 GHz which came from and finally the PSU is a CX600 Corsair Builder Series which also came from

Okay now on to the problems... The system is brand new, everything is plugged in, there's no problems with power being supplied to the system under idle or say full load when playing a game ect or, but Applications are unusually slow I have a few statistics from DxDiag I'm not sure if you'd want the whole document or just some of it, let me know :P anyway the system is as I said way too slow, the CPU usage NEVER goes higher than 30%, the temperature on idle is 20 to
30 Celsius on the CPU and the motherboard temp is 25 Celsius or lower, nothing truly out of the ordinary apart from (again...) the computer it is just way to slow, it sometimes crashes completely and I have to reset it or turn it off, applications
or the browser just randomly stop responding oh and I almost forgot to say I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (6.1 Build 7600) if you think I need to update the BIOS do you mind linking me to where I can get them? I have the latest AMD
Catalyst Drivers 12,000 MB Page file memory. DirectX is the latest version, ect.. I know I've not got enough info but I really can't tell why it's being slow.. Please any suggestions would be bloody perfect, if you need the DxDiag file let me know! :D
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  1. your ram should run at that speed if you enter the correct timings in manually. I first would start by updating the bios, from there go to asus' site and download all the chipset drivers for your motherboard

    actually i saw the hdd now the greens arent bad but they are energy saving drives
  2. 06yfz450ridr said:
    actually i saw the hdd now the greens arent bad but they are energy saving drives

    This. Greens will essentially shut themselves down, meaning it's got to reinitialise itself each time it's used, causing some downtime. Ideally, they're used as a second drive.
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    If you want some extra space and you choose a secondary HDD the WD Green HDDs would be great.
  4. YEAH, I stuck in a Seagate 5200RPM 500 GB HDD and it sped RIGHT UP, and when I mean right, I mean perfect.. I actually upgraded it a bit from the build above, the Western Digital Green 1 TB is my secondary HDD now, I boot from the Seagate HDD, I have 12 GB RAM instead of 8 (took a 4GB stick out of an older PC so the lack of clock max clock speeds are even more insignificant.) I'm going to get a new cooler for the CPU instead of the stock cooler to keep performance and keep it even more cool here's the CPU cooler I'm going to get I might also get this as well

    However now... It would seem I've run into another problem, I can play Skyrim on High settings (slightly tweaked to lower Anti-Aliasing, Ansitropic Filtering, Object/Character Fade/Light ect to get better performance) and it runs perfectly, but for some reason (possibly a mod I installed) Left 4 Dead 2 keeps crashing a lot. I might just have to try out all my other 50+ games on Steam :P to if I need to re-install Left 4 Dead 2 or find out if it's a reoccurring problem.

    I'll update this comment after I've checked Bad Company 2 and uninstalled all the mods from Left 4 Dead 2 then re-try and when I do update I'll post the settings I'm running it at as well.
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