New build, no beep post, no boot, everything else works

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Hey everyone, to start off, im a relatively inexperienced builder, this will be my 4th build. Me and my buddy decided to upgrade rigs recently, I got all my parts and everything a day before him and everything fit like a glove and worked immediately.

Yesterday we attempted to get his going and ran into a few problems.

MB ASUS|M5A97 R2.0 970 AM3+ R
VGA SAPPHIRE|100352-3L HD7950 3GB R
CPU AMD|KA10 7850K 4G 4M FM2+ 95W R

We are recycling his old case (which is pretty outdated, still has individual pins for usb and fp-audio) and his old PSU, which is some random unknown brand, 530w I believe. Until we get things working, we are maining his old 500g HDD, afterwards will switch out for his new SSD.

I have been through the "read before posting" stickies and checklist and have performed most, admitingly not all, steps listed. Tonight I will be breadboarding it.

Everything seemed to fit decent enough into his case, the power supply seems stable, everything turns on (PSU, CPU fan, case fans, GPU, MOBO led) but we cannot get a beep on start-up, or any signs of booting at all. As of right now I assume one of two things:

1. MOBO is dead.

2. I'm missing something extremely simple.

Anyone have any ideas? I appreciate everyone taking the time to read this wall of text.
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  1. Dear, pl remove all plugs/cables, uninstall everything, you have the case where processor is not installed properly and either of your RAM is giving you pain. Try to install the processor accurately then plugin only one RAM and check the system. If it works, which it should, plugin second RAM - ofcourse after powering off the PC - and then check again.

    Hopefully it will work.

    Are you guys sure that your PSU is working? If yes how do you know it?
  2. To the op are those the parts you have posted right??? if they are you have the wrong motherboard for the cpu. you need an fm2 plus mb for the new cpu. if your lucky you have not bent or burnt the new cpu out right now.
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    Yep, if you installed that A10-7850K CPU into that AM3+ motherboard you likely bent some pins because they are not compatible. If you got lucky and didn't damage any components then you will need to get a CPU and motherboard that are compatible.
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