Can i turbo boost i5 3350p?

So can i turbo boos the i5 3350p or overclock it and is this cpu good for the new games like bf4 ac4 and sandbox games? Btw will this cpu bottleneck gtx 760?
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  1. This processor can be turbo boosted, but it can not be overclocked as it is not unlocked. You should have no problem with bottle necking your GPU either; it is a fairly good processor.
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    yes, you can overclock the turbo slightly. depends on your motherboard though.

    I doubt overclocking the turbo will really matter in the end. That cpu is already fast enough at stock speeds to pretty much do whatever you want with it. It will already play almost any game (there are SOME games that are so poorly coded that you'll need to overclock the turbo, but those are few and far between)

    And no... that cpu won't bottleneck a 760... frankly a 4 year old dual core phenomII wouldn't bottleneck a 760 significantly.
  3. Thank you guys for the fast answers i will go for the 760 soon as i have the money for it!
  4. I am going to use the 3350p in my new rig, because my 4 year old amd phenom x4 805 IS bottlenecking my system when matched with my new gtx770..either that or I have other issues going on somewhere else. But I mainly run xplane10 which is very finnicky on what it likes
  5. Tim i will recommend you the i5 3570k its 20% more expensive with 30$
  6. ok ill look into that one , thanks Dennis
  7. No problem :)
  8. i just looked into that and from what I can see its about 50 dolla diff.@ newegg, with the benefits being O.C. ability which I dont usaully do and integrated graphics which I dont need. The stock clock speeds being fairly close so I might pocket the dollars to make up for the price of the gtx770 i bought..prob. overspent there
  9. I dunno i mean i dont think the i5 3350p can handle this year games and the i5 3570k can be overclocked and its 3.4 insted of 3.1 i dunno if there is any fps boost in the 3570k
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