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hey guys, i have a 42" LED that i play on with a 1080p resolution. I want to know if playing on a 15.6" led with 720p would give the same graphics quality (p.s. based on the dpi, 42" 1080p has less dpi than 15.6" 720p). thanks all for your answers :)
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    720p and 1080p are different resolutions, so yes you will get varying frame rates. 720 is generally 1366 x 768 and 1080 is 1080 x 1920 . more pixels (1080p) means more work for the graphics card and less frames. you will get a better image with 1080p but more frames with 720. and at 15" 720 will probably look like 1080
  2. 10x , And I'm not worring about the fps that much for now.. I'm getting a lenovo y510p with gt 755m sli :p but I'm looking for upcoming games as the division and watch dogs...So I'm making sure that they will be playable on high gfx with at least 30 fps (so the 720p may be necessary) , I have an xbox 360 now and it's going to retirement soon :p
  3. 30 fps id say so. most people want 45 or higher though. if you are talking about hooking up your laptop to an external 720p display you will be fine. i know usually mobile version of a anything are a lot weaker. so a 755m in sli will probably get results like a desktop 650ti or a 660 possibly/ hd 7750/7770 (on less demanding games) which will give 45 fps+ on games up to 2013 no problem. at 1080p you might start the feel the limits, again will depend on settings and the game itself.
  4. if you move around a lot, thats a solid laptop, what is the price you are paying if u dont mind me asking? but you since u want to use it kinda like a PC and hook it up to a display, consider a desktop. for the same price we can build you a desktop thats 2x as powerful.
  5. I live in lebanon (middle east) , I talked to a company to bring me that laptop.. I ordered the one with high specs (full hd screen, gt 755m sli) , the y510p 720p screen with 1 gt755m costs ~1300$ , the full hd will add 100$ , the gt755m sli (ultrabey) cost around 300$ , and it need a bigger adapter that I don't knw it's price :p . And I don't want to hook it to an external screen while gaming, that's the reason I ordered the 1080p one. Btw this laptop has one issue .. Overheating.. Just 90+ degrees :p
  6. And I don't knw the non-mobile equivalent of this vga , but it's fair enough for it's price ... It plays assassin's creed black flag on ultra 1080p , same for bf4 on ~30 fps (I used to have an xbox 360 that's why I dnt rly care for the frame rate :p , I'm used to 30 :p)
  7. go for it should work great
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