GPU fan gets loud? not an over heating issue?

Why my GPU fan gets loud while playing games and it gets hot as well while the temperature of my GPU while playing game is 65-67 and without playing games it stays to 40?
My Specs: core 2 duo 3.0 ghz.. nvidia geforce gt 630 2 gb, 160 gb hard disk, windows 7 32 bit.. intel DG33bu mother board.
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    Yea, when a fan spins, it creates noise, and when it gets told to spin faster, it creates more noise - You might want to check if your gpu fan is all clean, but other than that its pretty damn normal (also whats the excact name of your graphics card?)
  2. As the user above says, when things get hotter from use, the fans tend to be told to go faster(more voltage or a pwm signal says faster).

    This is perfectly normal with modern hardware. Older hardware used to run the fan at one speed all the time, but that would be too loud with todays more powerful hardware(this modern hardware clocks down when not in use so it runs cool and only needs a slow fan speed until it gets working).
  3. Thanks for the quick reply!! Nvidia geforce gt 630 is name of my graphic card.. I'm afraid that getting too hot will damage my card.. I'm thinking to put an air cooler.. what do you think will it wok?
  4. Check the temperatures at which your gpu should run at both idle and under-load and then compare them to yours. Also make sure the fans are positioned correctly and arent full of dust.
  5. You mean to say that it will not damage my card or something? I just bought it.. what if i play for 3-4 hours.. will it damage.. I'm afraid because i just bought it.. i don't want it to be dead right now!
  6. 65-67 C is hot , but not too hot .Many GPU's run at 80c + temperatures under load
  7. Start to worry when the card gets to 90 degrees :)

    Under 70 for a video card is great(not including some with great coolers those run cooler too).

    Either way, your card will not be hurt.
  8. No problems with those temperatures, they are actually very good for a card under load, and it will be safe up to 80C or even higher.
    That 40C when idle is normal, it is just because the fan is running very slowly, to keep the card quiet.
  9. Thank you all for your replies.. I really appreciate it! :)
  10. Now it has reached 82? DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMNNNNNN! NOW WHAT????
  11. Abdul Qadeer__ said:
    Now it has reached 82? DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMNNNNNN! NOW WHAT????

    As I already mentioned, compare your temperatures to those who get other reference cards in benchmarks or reviews.
  12. Abdul Qadeer__ said:
    Now it has reached 82? DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMNNNNNN! NOW WHAT????

    What is your location, I am guessing you also have rather high temperatures as well that will cause things to run hotter. Even the best cooler can only run so many degrees above ambient temperature.

    If it is the older version of those cards they are rated upto 98 degrees Celsius, while the newer Kepler based core version is rated upto 90.

    I pushed a GTX 670 to 82+ degrees without issue. Did the same my old HD5870.
  13. I'm in my room right now with heater turned on!!
  14. I'm gonna test a few more games if they all lag then there is something wrong and i have to find it!!
  15. The card is not overly powerful, so do not max the settings.
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