how to format two 64Gig ssd drives in raid 0 for windows 7 64bit

I want to reformat my two 64 Gig SSD's that are in RAID 0 as my boot drive ( c drive ). My D drive is a 750 Gig HD. I will be reinstalling Windows 7 home Premium on the SSD's.
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    Did you make the RAID in BIOS or in windows?
  2. BIOS. So I think that I should be able to just format the (C drive) and reinstall the OS (Win7 64 bit) like I normally would on a Standard HD, but I just want to be sure that there are no glitches , because this is the first time that I have reformatted a SSD in RAID0.
  3. Since the drive was "created" in bios with the RAID controller, it appears as a regular HDD/SSD to windows installer. The only thing to be concerned about is if the raid controller needs a driver at the time of install (remember the press F6 and insert floppy...) If its win7 you are 99% home free, only a small amount of janky boards won't have standard drivers for windows to see the drive.
  4. thank you for the insight on my problem I went in to reformat it this weekend and everything seemed to go well I did have one question it seemed to have about 100 megs of a partition on it. I just figured it was like that from the factory. The reinstall went well.
  5. Windows makes its own little partition of around 100 megs to put stuff on. You can get rid of it BEFORE you do any formatting and reinstalls. It will install a new partition in addition to the partition you make when you click Install.
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