Best AMD/Intel gaming rig $2500 budget more or less

So I was wondering if I should buy a rig about 2 months from now to replace what I already have. Or should I wait for newer stuff to come forth?
Current Rig:
AMD FX 6100
Fatality 990fx
Sapphire 7870 ghz ed
Seasonic 750gold
Ripjawz X 8gb Ram
Corsair force 60gb SSD
WD 1tb Caviar Black
Aerocool strike X mid tower case

I need suggestions to either wait for better things or sell all the parts and buy a new rig for more or less 2500 worth
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  1. You could upgrade to FX8350 and overclock it and the GPU to what ever card you desire R9 290(X) or GTX780(Ti). It is not like your rig is out off date.
  2. So it would probably be better just to play with this rig until it becomes out of date then purchase a new one? :p
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    That is what I would do and swap when DDR4 becomes mainstream.
  4. Awesome. I was still itching to get a new rig but was kinda 50/50 due to more expenses when I do XD
  5. I agree with Rolli. Just upgrade the GPU, don't even really need to upgrade the CPU yet. DDR4 will be the next major change to computer systems as it is changing how it works, each slot will be it's own channel. That and SATA Express.
  6. Thanks for the answers guys. really help clear my mind about things to come. More power to this community
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