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So I am building a brand new computer, the only parts I am bringing over is my SSD Drive and my Graphics card. Everything else will be brand new, I want to do a clean windows 7 install because I know that with the new motherboard it might not be compatible.

I am unsure if I should wipe the disk in my old computer first before bringing it over or if I should bring the SSD drive over to the new computer then do the clean install. I am worried about if I bring it to the new computer and try and turn it on that it may mess up the hard drive or the new bios because its trying to load something that isn't compatible.

Any advise?
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  1. Are you installing the operating system on the SSD or Hard Drive? Best results are achieved if you start with a blank disk (SSD or HDD) as the only drive, install the operating system, then add the second drive.
  2. Just do it in the new machine.
    When Win 7 asks where do you want to install it, there are some advanced options (down at the bottom right).
    Delete the existing partition, create a new one using the default size, and quick format (NTFS).

    Let us know how you make out.
  3. I only have the SSD drive, it has Windows and all the other Applications on it. I want to clean install windows on it for my new computer, my question is the order that I do it in? Do I wipe the SSD before bringing it over to the new PC, or do I bring it to the new PC as is, put the Windows disk in and hope it boots from CD and allows me to run the clean install process, Im just worried about if i do it that way that it might not boot from CD and try to load the version if windows currently on it.
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    Don't worry too much. You can't physically harm anything even if the new system boots to the legacy OS.
    It is likely that the drivers will be all wrong and not much would function anyway, but you can't hurt it. Just boot again to the CD.

    You will have to re-install all of your applications.
    Make sure you have backed up all of your documents, and data first since wiping the drive during the install will wipe that too. (music, pictures, word/excel docs and so on) and then restore them to the new system once you have it up and running.
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