newbie to overclocking:introduction

hi guy.

I am newbie to the world of computer upgrades. I have basic knowledge of computer I build a computer from scratch. just by plugging the components together but I don't really find much worth in that.

overclocking is the next challenge for me.

if you are reading this and have made it past my long intro, please would you explain a few things to.

so how is overclocking achieved?

and can it be achieved with basic components?

also I do under stand with overclocking better cooling systems are required because of high heat generations.

I currently have a core 2duo e8400 (3.ghz), 4gb RAM, gtx650 2gb, and a gt-700 aerocool. all of which is in an Unique antec box with 5 12cm fans and a standard cpu heat sink.

would this build be eligible for overclocking?

thanks for reading my essay and your response is much apreciated
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    1. Overclocking can be achieved in a few ways, the most common way is to increase the core multiplier to increase the clock speed. You can also overclock the base clock, but this is not advised for someone who is new to OCing.
    2. It can be achieved with an unlocked CPU, and a motherboard with the available settings. I believe some non-unlocked CPUs can be slightly overclocked, but not much.
    As far as overclocking your system, I would need to know which motherboard you are using. On a stock heatsink, it's not advised because it will most definitely decrease the longevity of your CPU.
    If you are truly interested in overclocking your components, I would invest the money into some newer components that are more suited for the task. If you have a Microcenter near you, they have a very cheap combo on the FX-6300 and motherboards. It's a good platform for overclocking if you have a good cooler.
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