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i am upgrading my graphic card after despicable experience with 4600 card , i am hard gaming and looking forward to remove any kinds bounds or limits for the future gaming releases in my choice of the VGA , R9 270 toxic was the first choice i saw , some told me that it is good , there is no need to upgrade for 290 , the budget difference is so high , i am freaking out that after a long search , in the next few years i get banged by some demanding game edition , still though games requirements shift has been never predictable on any standard regarding the looney new games benchmarks !!!! now i cant make up my mind go for the 270 toxic , or 290 4Gb ( not sure if OC or not ) or 290 2Gb ( i checked sapphire site and this even dont exist -_- ) , i am just guy who can afford to upgrade his Pc for One Chance only in about 5 or 6 years time interval !!!! ( might not happen also , just this time ! ) , btw i have i have 6300 amd , ga 990 , resolution is 1600 x 900 , 64 bit version ,8 Gb Ram plz tell me if there is any compatibility issues with the three versions i mentioned
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  1. What resolution do you play at?

    With a 6300 I wouldn't recommend a 290 as it will hold the GPU back. If you can only afford to upgrade this often, I suggest dropping in a 8350 into your mobo before they stop making them.

    If you could post your full system specs it would be nice.
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