Motherboard wont post CPU fan spins

i sold my old motherboard on ebay it was out of my lenovo desktop with AMD 4400 dual core it was in perfect working order and now the guy is trying to say its broke he shipped it back to me so i can test it and when i turn it on nothing happens no beeps no post the cpu fan just spins really fast and loud i tested the RAM with new RAM i reset the cmos battery and the jumpers on the board and still nothing and a new PSU i am starting to think he messed something up and now wants his money back for a mistake that he did any advice on what the problem could be?
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    he could have done a bad bios flash or swapped bios chips if its a replaceable kind. he could have sent you a different motherboard back(did you check the serial #?) could have sent you a different cpu in the board back or damaged its pins(did you check it>) it could have just failed from being shipped and being exposed to very high/low temps. could have been exposed to static electricity.

    could be a lot of things but comes down to it unless you can prove that he did damage it or broke it himself ebay will most likely give him his money back.
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