Phenom M mATX Gaming build questions (OC'ing)

Hey everyone,

I finalized my mATX gaming build. I didn't include any storage in the partpicker because I already have an SSD and 2 HDD's at my disposal here. The parts are as follows:

I'm planning to buy the CM Hyper 412S instead of the 212 EVO though because apparantly it's a better cooler and the price isn't that much higher. I'm planning to overclock the FX6300 to a value of 4GHz at 1.35V. I've heard there may be some temperature issues with the Phenom/Prodigy (mATX) because of limited airflow. Will the XFX550 have enough power for the whole build? (even in case of OC'ing?) According to the eXtreme Power Supply Calculator Lite, it should be more than enough with all components at peakload but I just want to be sure.

If you have any suggestions for changes in my build, feel free to let me know. I'm trying to keep it as low budget as possible so I'm pretty fixed on wanting to stay with the FX-6300. I also really like the Phenom's aesthetic design so recommend me a different cooler or more fans before recommending a different case please.

Thanks in advance!
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